History of the Zangarrón

As a brief introduction we can say that Sanzoles is a town located in the Castilian-Leonese plateau, within the boundaries of the province of Zamora and belonging to the region called: “La Tierra del Vino”, hence its original name Sanzoles del Vino.

Sanzoles currently has a population census of 719 inhabitants.

There are no documents verifying the origin of the town’ s name, although there are a few theories. One of these theories, which gives the name to the town (Sanzoles), was the name of a monk, possibly from the monastery located in the teso del Aviso, buried in Salamanca, who is said to be an advocate for earache and who gave his name to the town. What we are sure of is that the town of Sanzoles is famous, among other things and as its name says, for its wine. Included in the Toro Denomination of Origin.

But it is clear that not only Sanzoles del Vino is famous for the wine, but also for one of the most important traditional folkloric representations of Castilla y León “La Función del Zangarrón”. This is the reason why the whole community of Sanzoles del Vino have taken the initiative to promote the declaration of “Fiesta de Interés Turístico de Castilla y León”.

Zangarrón en el tiempo

You can see a series of photos and videos of Zangarrón


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